Accessories and jewels for autumn/winter 2017-18

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Exceptional jewels – from the classic pearls to the modern necklaces, are about to dominate the season autumn/winter 2017-18. Essential accessories will be also the stylish watches and sunglasses.

The trends are often popular ones and vary to the extreme. This is very true for the accessories and jewels trends – we can choose from very basic to shining and glamorous jewels. 

Choker necklace
Choker necklaces are the ones that go tightly around the neck and are becoming more and more popular in the last seasons. Although the Chokers have been top trend among jewels since the beginning of 2016, they are not going to lose their popularity. In 2017 they are still as fashionable as before and lots of girls choose them as a preferred accessory. The Choker necklace can match not only a casual outfit, but also more formal one. 

Bulky jewels 
Another highlight among the jewels trend are the necklaces with a bulky pendant. They might be elegant and casual. For those of you who prefer precious stones, semiprecious stones and minerals, I’d like to present the next jewels trend. Lots of designers have included necklaces with bulky pendants made of minerals in their collections. The massive rings with stones are also top trend for those who fancy bulky jewels. 

Pearls, pearls and again pearls 
Pearls have always been a classic choice when we talk about jewels and that’s why they are almost always in fashion. For the season 2017-2018 lots of designers have presented pearl jewels. They perfectly match the formal, elegant office outfit but can hardly go with casual clothes. You can find a wide range of pearl jewels in the website EaseWholesale.

Pearl earrings: here

Tassel earrings 
Some unusual trends can be noticed in the earrings. Extremely fashionable this season will be the earrings with tassels – colorful and stunning; they are perfect to wear both with casual and formal outfit. Another leading trend in earrings is asymmetry – a small one in one ear and a big one in the other one. It will look very attractive.

Tassel earrings: here

Brooches have come back in fashion for the last several seasons and they are among the top accessories. They give more complete look to coats, jackets, scarves and even more basic blouses.

Wonderful news to those, who love stylish watches. Big and even massive watches are absolutely modern this season. They could be with stones or just clean design. Metal straps and leather straps are both in fashion. 

Watch: here

Essential sunglasses styles 
We all adore sunglasses and there is no way to go out without a pair. It’s a good idea to combine your outfit with basic sunglasses with a thin frame. The shapes are various and it’s best to choose the ones that match your face.

Sunglasses: here

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