Tape extensions – the new hit in hairstyles

май 16, 2018 Maia Georgieva 0 Comments

More and more girls are choosing the tape extensions as a fast way for getting thicker hair. Imagine an extension that doesn’t end up with a hairclip, but with a band resembling tape. It’s double-glued and is stuck to a strand of hair. It’s made from absolutely harmless material. After each time the bands are changed for new ones so that they won’t fall down. It’s a brilliant invention for those girls who suffer from hair loss. All the alternative methods might make the problem even worse. The advantage of the tape in hair extensions is that they are really gentle and harmless. They are also invisible since the tape in the extensions is transparent. The bands could be used multiple times and they don’t require thermal interference. 

Through a special sticking system, the extension is applied to an absolutely fine and matching the skin colour band. They can even be attached at home. You just need to be skillful enough. Those ladies, who are braver and more extravagant, choose a tape extension with a colourful strand of hair that they add as a highlight in their hair. 
Tape extensions are as stable as other methods. Moreover, they are easy to remove without affecting the hairstyle. As soon as changing the tape in the extensions you can attach it again. The good thing about it is that they don’t hinder the hair growth. The tape extensions can be used either to make the hair look longer or add up more volume. They are suitable for thin and damaged hair. The price per set – normally 4-5 layers, varies between 50 and 60 euros depending on the hair. You can find more affordable prices online than the ones offered in hair salons. 

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